Violent Volcano Erupts As Indonesians Flee  

A violent volcano erupted in western Indonesia causing more than 10,000 villagers to flee their home’s. Officials declared Mount Sinabung on Sumatra Island, as a danger zone to the highest level in the beginning of June after detection of an increase in activity.

The volcano which was dormant for two years came to life erupting over the weekend, spewing hot ash and rocks into the air. It covered the villager’s homes with a thick coating of ash.

7,500 villagers from the six villages located in the high alert zone were evacuated from their homes after the weekend eruptions.


They fled from their homes in motorcycles, cars and military trucks. Total number of evacuees now amounts to 10,714.


Government agencies have set up shelters for the evacuees in buildings and places of worship in Kabanjahe town, 6 miles away from Mount Sinabung.

Sinabung continued spewing out rocks and hot gas on Tuesday over a distance of 3 kilometers.

Reports from people stated that they could feel the tremors. Ash covered roads and homes located 15 kilometers away.


It would take weeks for the volcanic activity to ease and for the people to return to their homes.

The disaster agency reported that the Volcano had a devastating impact on the economy, causing damage worth more than a $100 million.

Mount Sinabung is one of the 129 active volcanos in Indonesia.




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