John Hurt, ‘Alien’ Star Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

John Hurt, a British actor who’s brought life to many characters, is now suffering from cancer of the pancreas.

The star, who played a role in the memorable “Alien” movie is now receiving treatment. Despite being 75 years old, Hurt maintain a positive outlook  concerning his future, hoping to keep working in the industry as long as his body will let him,

In a statement released by Hurt, “I have always been open about the way in which I conduct my life and in that spirit I would like to make a statement. I have recently been diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. I am undergoing treatment and am more than optimistic about a satisfactory outcome, as indeed is the medical team.”

“I am continuing to focus on my professional commitments and will shortly be recording (play) ‘Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell’ (one of life’s small ironies!) for BBC Radio 4.”

This sad news came just a few months after Hurt, or more appropriately, Sir Hurt, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth last year.

Hurt has enjoyed success in his career, and was busy in the past few months with the upcoming ‘Tarzan’ film which takes a look at the character after he’s moved back into society.

He also starred in a special 50th anniversary episode of “Doctor Who.”





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