The Startling Way Jellyfish Reassemble Themselves

Scientists have discovered that if the moon jellyfish loses a limb it can just repair itself in a very unique way.
While waiting to test another marine jellyfish called Turritopsis dohrnii,also known as the immortal jellyfish, for limb repair, the scientists tested the more common moon jellyfish.
Michael Abrams, biologist at Caltech In Pasadena, cut two arms off a young moon jellyfish in 2013 and came to a startling discovery. He started yelling for his Ph.D advisor Lea Goentoro. The team typically expected that the jellyfish has regrown itself since many marine animals regenerate this way.
Instead the jellyfish had REARRANGED its six remaining arms until they were all evenly placed around the body, the muscles in the body has pushed and pulled until they were all even once again.
For a jellyfish to move around it is vital for all the limbs to be evenly placed.
This new phenomenon being called ‘symmetrization’ is an important method jellyfish use to survive in the wild.
The scientists could have easily missed this discovery because they were focusing on limb repair in the immortal jellyfish.
The experiment was repeated several times and once it was confirmed that indeed the jellyfish rearranges itself to restore symmetry, a process which takes 12 hours to 4 days, the question know was how does it manage to do so ?
When tested with muscle relaxants they were unable to complete the process and when muscular pulse was increased the process occurred faster than usual. This experiment suggested that muscles were at play here and were pushing and pulling till the arms were evenly spaced.
Scientists hope that this will inspire new technology for the bio materials , not by resorting but by regenerating function.


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