Jupiter And Venus Put On A Show; June 30th Is The Day!

All throughout the month of June 2015 you have to be looking up in the sky after the sun goes down for two bright planets, Venus and Jupiter, are going to converge!

A speculator sight to witness because these planets are so bright you can see shining through the twilight. Best time watch is early evening when they are surrounded by a cobalt hue.

In the first two of June , Venus and Jupiter will be so close that they will be only 10 degrees apart. This is already pretty close but by the end of the month the distance between the two planets will decrease even further.

On June 18th Venus and Jupiter will be only 6 degrees apart and when you look towards the sky this night you will see Venus , Jupiter and the Moon will form a bright triangle in the sky !

On June 20th, the vertices rearrange themselves, forming yet another isosceles triangle. A treat for all star gazers.

Be sure to circle July 18, 2015 on your calendar as well. Venus will be almost in conjunction with Regulus, a slight bit ahead of Jupiter in the great race to the constellation Leo’s brightest star. On July 18, the crescent moon, Venus and Jupiter will all fit within a circle sporting a diameter of less than four degrees. (Four degrees of sky approximates two finger-widths at an arms length.)
On June 19th, something exciting happens: the crescent Moon joins the show. On that evening, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter will form a bright isosceles triangle in the sunset sky. Isosceles means that two sides of the triangle are the same length. This is how most sky watchers in North America will see it.
One night later, on June 20th, the vertices rearrange themselves, forming yet another isosceles triangle. Never has a geometry lesson been so beautiful.
The main event occurs on June 30th. On that night, Venus and Jupiter will be a jaw-dropping 1/3rd of a degree apart. That’s less than the diameter of a full Moon.
So be sure to catch this spectacular event !


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