Endangered Frogs Find New Home To Survive

In a bid to save an endangered species – The Gopher Frogs- 56 of the species has been released into the wild settling into a new home in a south Mississippi wildlife refuge.

The South Mississippi refuge also hosts the endangered sandhill crane. Angie Dedrickson a wildlife biologist has said that these tadpoles have been brought to the refuge after they have reach maturity as frogs, having been hatched in Saucier.

Male gopher frogs reach maturity when their 1 year old while female frogs become mature around 2-4 years of age, thus the success of this project is prevalent on how well they repopulate and for the one has to wait 2 years for the female to reach reproductive maturity.

The gopher frog has been on the endangered-species list since 2001.

The greatest peril to these frogs is posed by the shrinking of their natural habitat of wet-pines savannahs.


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