Bright Lights On Planet Still Remain A Mystery

NASA’s spacecraft DAWN captured best ever images of the bright lights on the dwarf planet called Ceres, which is located in our solar systems asteroid belt, despite this the bright lights still remain a mystery!

Even after obtaining closer range pictures of the planet it seems that the planet is not ready to give up the secret. However NASA is positive that aliens are not the cause of it.

Bright Lights

“The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything we’ve seen before in the solar system. The science team is working to understand their source,” Dawn principal investigator Chris Russell of UCLA said in a statement.

The leading candidate for the solution to the mystery is that the intense bright lights could be caused by the reflection of the Sun on the highly reflective material of the surface of the planet – possibly ice.

Bright Li

With Ceres in a steady orbit at 1,800 miles, Russell is standing by his assertion.
“Reflection from ice is the leading possible cause in my mind, but the team continues to consider alternate possibilities, such as salt,” he added. “With closer views from the new orbit and multiple view angles, we soon will be better able to determine the nature of this enigmatic phenomenon.”

The scientist estimated that the larger of the two spots is within a crater about 55 miles wide.

Other purported theories suggest that light from the sun could be reflecting off thick plumes from a geyser or volcano, however this is less likely as the spots appear to be static.
Dawn is scheduled to continue studying Ceres through June 2016. The probe will make its final observations of the dwarf planet from an extremely close-in orbit, eyeing Ceres from just 230 miles (375 km) away.


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