The US is Extending Protective Status on all Coral Reefs in the Atlantic Ocean from New York to North Carolina Starting 2016

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council decided in a meeting on Wednesday that coral reefs are to be protected by the State.

The vote by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council is aimed at protecting deep-sea corals that environmentalists say are hundreds of years old but can be destroyed by fishing nets in seconds.

The regional fishery panel that deals with these matters proposed to them this measure that will span on Atlantic Ocean regions from New York to North Carolina.

Ecology groups applauded after US authorities approved a proposal to ban bottom-tending fishing in 38,000 square miles of ocean off the United States’ Atlantic coast.

The recommendation will be submitted to the US commerce secretary and when approved, it could become law in 2016.

Expectantly, the US commerce will approve this soon, but the important step in saving the ecosystem has already been done.

The fisheries policy director with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Brad Sewell emphasized that protecting the natural habitat of the oceans is the necessary starting point in enjoying a healthy ecosystem that would benefit everybody.



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