The Coldest Molecule Ever Invented!

In recent research trials MIT has created the coldest molecule ever till date. Science community has established new areas and boundaries in the research and study of molecule behavior.

They researchers cooled down the atmosphere where the molecules were kept to an unusual temperature of 500 nanokelvins, meaning the molecules were kept in a -459.7 degrees Fahrenheit environment, the coldest to have ever been set for sodium-potassium molecules.

Over the study conducted it has been seen that molecules change their behavior when placed in a colder environment.

The experiment was conducted with the help of lasers as scientists needed machinery to cool down the laboratory. They observed that the cooler the environment becomes the less erratic movements are seen by the molecules.

When the temperature dropped to a -459.7 degrees Fahrenheit, the units adopted a movement similar to the waves produced by the quantum mechanical matter.

According to Martin Zwierlein, one of the physics professors at MIT, this was behavior unknown to scientists before this.


Even though researchers predicted this on previous occasions. There were many other changes that researchers have also noticed, such as, the immutable condition of the particles.Units did not collide into one another, in spite of the minus degrees. Moreover, the molecules registered a significant drop in their speed. Based on scientists’ observations, the speed that particles registered at 500 nanokelvins was of centimeters per second.

Previously experiments conducted were failed due to the strong reaction of molecules leading to collisions and destruction of chemical bonds.

Extremely proud of the results of the recent experiment Zwierlein believes the new information will help scientists discover new states of the chemical substances and molecules.


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