Spagnola’s Recipe on How to be a Centenarian

The proof is in the bottle. How much? You can ask Pauline and the others. A centenarian who relied on drinking booze to keep herself healthy and live long enough to tell her ale. Pauline Spagnola, who resides in Pennsylvania when asked her longevity secret said she can’t think of any except those glass of alcoholic beverages which she imbibes regularly is responsible for her long life. Her advice, without batting an eyelash: “Drink a lot of booze.”

She said that if it wasn’t for the booze she wouldn’t be doing this interview now. Aside from her, she said, there are others who attributed their long lives to alcoholic beverages.

There was this 101 year-old woman who lived in Staten Island before who gave credit to her daily consumption of 2 glasses of wine, a southern comfort and a bottle of beer daily as the reason for her long life.

So to all boozing centenarians, may your tribe increase and enjoy many more happy birthdays to come.



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