Tiny Tuna Crabs Take Over Beaches

Beach goers have been caught by surprise seeing the beach surrounded by dozens of tiny red animals. The tiny tuna crab is a bright red animal, up to 13 centimeters (5.1 in) long. It resembles a lobster, but has a shorter abdomen.


Orange County beaches are seeing waves of these tiny crabs. They are thousands of them thus making a bright red ring along the shoreline of Dana Point, San Clemente, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

This is the cause of the unusual hot summer experienced by California causing the tiny animals to leave the warm waters and head further north for some cooler waters.


Chelsea Vaughan of Ocean Beach told CBS 8: “My dog eats like 35 every time he’s out here,”“I have to tell him to stop eating them cause they pinch him on the tongue.”

Jim Grant was among the impressed. He photographed a massive amount of tuna crabs at Ocean Beach.

“It was like a sea of red on the sand,” Grant told the Union-Tribune. “I thought, ‘What the heck, that’s not seaweed.’ It was awesome.”


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