Canada to end Whale and Dolphin captivity

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TORONTO – Senator Winfred Moore announces ban on the captivity of whales and dolphins
Liberal Senator wants to end the captivity of whales and dolphins across Canada. The Nova Scotia Liberal Senator believes that the animals belong in the wild, not in captivity.
If the bill is passed, it will directly affect the operations at Vancouver Aquarium. Vancouver increasing concern defends the ban on whales and dolphins captivity.

Caged Whales and Dolphins offer ‘public inspiration’-Nightingale
The Vancouver Aquarium is defending itself after the city’s mayor articulated his personal viewpoint against whales and dolphins in captivity.
“Field studies in the wild have been going on for a long time and will always be a major part of understanding what we are doing to nature, but the research starts in the aquarium.”
Nightingale, while defending the ban of whales and dolphins in captivity on educational and scientific ground said that the scientific research that primarily focuses on marine in the wild, would not be sufficient
“You often need to calibrate the research in an aquarium and start it there and then take it to the field.”
Vancouver Aquarium does important science and protection work, is the only marine mammal rescue center in the country, and seeing whales from closer would want people to know more about the ocean, says Nightingale
“It’s really a question of should a few marine mammals live in a place like the Vancouver Aquarium and for what purpose?”
“One (purpose) is public inspiration. Seeing them, learning about them, raises the level of interest and curiosity … We need more people interested in and understanding what’s going on in our ocean environments…”
The Debate continues…
The ban has taken place after the aggressive protest by animal rights groups and concerned citizens over the Aquarium’s expansion plans.
The aquarium is undergoing a $100 growth including a larger whale and dolphin tank, but the expansion faced changing tides of public and political view since the release of the documentary “blackfish”- a documentary about marine industry.
People were moved by the documentary “blackfish” that has been involved in the deaths of three people.
Two of the Vancouver cetaceans have died, Hana, who died from gastrointestinal disease and Nanuq, who died of a broken jaw.
The deaths mean Vancouver’s aquarium now left with two belugas, and six are on loan to different SeaWorld facilities in the U.S.
Dr. Chris Dold, SeaWorld veterinarian told the press that the death of Nanuq was a result of an infection from the broken jaw caused by the other whales.
He also said that the trainers did not see the interaction that broke the jaw and refuse to accept it was aggressive because they believe that belugas are highly mobile and interactive animals.
Dr. Naomi Rose, an orca expert and outspoken SeaWorld critic, questioned the statement.
“For them to assume, even though nobody saw it, that it wasn’t anything aggressive is just wishful thinking,” said Rose, of the Animal Welfare Institute, based in Washington, D.C.


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