Warning: Cannibal Bacteria Infesting Florida Beach Have Claimed Two Victims so Far with Seven other Infected

The most deadly threats are the ones we can’t see coming. Such is the case with Vibrio vulnificus. Health officials in Florida have warned bathers about the deadly bacteria that invades the human body through open wounds. The bacteria particularly likes warm and brackish water.

Unless you need to clean a wound with tap water from a home, water and wounds generally do not mix. If you have a skin lesion, The Florida Department of Health advises that it’s best to avoid bathing in waters.

Also, people suffering from weakend immune systems because of liver or kidney problems are at a higher risk of infection. If you are one of these individuals, it is advisable to take measures to prevent getting scrapes or cuts at the beach.

However, just keeping yourself out of the water won’t keep you safe. Watch out for seafood, especially raw dishes such as shellfish or oysters. While the bacteria can enter through wounds, it is much more deadly and potent if taken orally. Out of the seven cases of recorded infections in Florida this year, two have ended in deaths.

Outbreaks of this bacteria usually occur from May to October, where water temperature is at an ideal 608 to 95 degrees for the bacteria.

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/

Source http://www.morningticker.com/2015/06/florida-shores-awash-in-flesh-eating-bacteria/


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