‘Drink a lot of booze’ and live to be a hundred?

A 100-year-old woman believes having a lot of drinks may be the reason she has lived for a century. Pauline Spagnola, from Pennsylvania, was asked the key to her long life by a reporter from a news network WNEP. ‘Drink a lot of booze,’ she recommends as she celebrates turning a hundred this week.

This is not the first time someone has attributed their long life and good health to drinking. A 101-year-old woman in Staten Island previously claims her habit of drinking two glasses of wine, a Southern Comfort and a beer each day as the reason for her long life.

Experts are yet to back this claim as excessive drinking often leads to health issues. Regularly drinking over the government’s daily unit guidelines can increase your risk of developing liver disease and cause irreparable damage to this very important part of your body, often without the person knowing until it’s too late. Liver cancer is among one of the two cancers most directly linked with alcohol. Long term, it increases the risk of developing a long list of health conditions including breast cancer, oral cancers, heart disease, strokes and cirrhosis of the liver. Research shows that a high alcohol intake can also damage our mental health, impair memory skills and reduce fertility. Therefore, the secret of longevity is a mystery yet to be solved.


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