Breakthrough – Female’s Fertility Restored

A great breakthrough for Science and Medicine came through when a female who had lost her ability to give birth was able to deliver a healthy baby boy late last year.

To become pregnant, the complex processes of ovulation and fertilization need to work just right.
Females who are diagnosed with diseases whose treatment could result in  their ovarian tissues being damaged have no choice and they lose out on the chance of ever becoming a mother, but not anymore since Doctors and Scientists have found a way to freeze their ovarian tissues before the damage takes place.

This particular woman had a disease called sickle-cell anemia when she was a child and the treatment for which required her to go through chemotherapy for a bone-marrow transplant. Before starting the treatment her doctors removed her right ovary completely and some ovarian tissue. When she turned 25 years of age and wanted to conceive, the doctors replaced the tissue onto her left ovary, which in turn began functioning normally and she was able to conceive and give birth.



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