Kids Not Consuming Enough Of The Purest Drink

Most American kids are not drinking water on a daily basis thus jeopardizing their health. In the ages between 6 to 19 many sugary drinks are being consumed whereas water is not one of them.

Scientists from The Harvard were in fact looking for data on consumption of sugary drinks in schools and were trying to find innovative ways to drive kids towards water, during this study they concluded that kids were really not consuming as much liquid as they had initially thought them to do so.

Researchers found that over half the thousands of children who participated in the study between 2009 and 2012 were at the very least mildly dehydrated. Not alarming enough for concern but even mild dehydration can have side effects such as mood swings, affecting their ability to comprehend and learn and their fatigue levels not being resilient enough.

Children are at a greater risk of dehydration than adults as they have higher water requirements in relation to their body weight. Whilst adults generally have good access to supplies of water, for children this is not always as easy. Children usually have to ask to be provided with water; often relying on their caregivers to provide drinks.

Kids and Teenagers should at least be consuming 7-9 glasses of water in a day, but for schools providing tap water is problematic because of old infrastructure and plumbing making concerns on lead weigh in, whereas bottled water has its own costs attached with it.

Some school programs that focus on lower consumption of sugary drinks are making water more appealing and accessible in cafeterias. Some of them have even added devise resembling a soda fountain for added appeal.




mood swings, problems with  ability to learn, and impact fatigue levels.


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