Controlling Cancer With Aspirin

Findings suggest that Aspirin causes cancer cells to die and prevent the growth of the cells that do not die in the process of dosage. Researchers have concluded that Aspirin makes the environment around the cancerous cells hostile for its growth.

This medication helps in effectively controlling the spread of breast, colon, gastrointestinal and prostate cancer.

Dr Sushanta Banerjee, research director of the Cancer Research Unit at Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center conducted a study on 20 mice with cancerous tumors, half the mice were given the human equivalent of 75 milligrams of aspirin each day – considered a low dose, for 15 days.

The results of the study showed that that when the tumors were weighed the mice which had received the daily dose of Aspirin had 47% smaller tumors than the mice which were not exposed to the drug.

A separate study conducted where 10 mice were given a daily dose of Aspirin and than were exposed to cancerous cells showed that they had less cancer growth than the others.

Aspirin could be used as a preventive measure and/or as a precautionary measure.

Although the drug is known to thin blood and may cause intestinal bleeding, but when compared against the risk of cancer; the benefits are far more than the ill effects.

Dr. Banerjee has said that he has been taking his daily dose of Aspirin for 3 years now and there have been no issues.

Nonetheless expert’s suggestions are that every individual should consult their doctor before embarking on this regime


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