Addictive But Poisonous POT Gaining Popularilty Despite Fatal Side Effects

A synthetic pot called ‘Spice’ has been the cause of staggering ER visits and hospitalizations.

The use of this synthetic marijuana is on the rise despite public health warnings. CDC has stated an astounding 330% rise in the number of calls made to poison centers after this fatal pot has been consumed.

This illegal street drug is available under many names including ‘Crazy Clown’ ‘Black Mamba’ and most commonly ‘Spice’ causing illnesses and in certain occurrences bizarre crimes.

The high from this drug is incredibly powerful unlike the regular marijuana and can last for hours, however the dire effects reported from teenagers and adults have been feelings of paralysis, severe kidney damage, psychotic behavior,  nausea, disorientation and dangerously accelerated heart rates.

A relatively ‘newer’ drug ‘Spice’ hasn’t yet come under FDA restrictions although it can be more dangerous than cannabis because it is entirely synthetic and untested. Despite the long history of marijuana use, E.R. visits due to smoking pot are rare but with ‘Spice’ there has been an explosion of visits over the past few years and it hasn’t even been around very long. Spice could be any one of dozens of chemical compounds, many manufactured in clandestine Chinese, Eastern European or American labs where quality control is not the prime concern of the makers.

Many US states are concerned and have spoken out about the freely available drug. Local County Sheriffs have warned individuals about consuming this drug, stating that because of the unknown elements used in the making of this drug one cannot be sure of how one’s body will react to it and if the doctors don’t know what  care to provide if they are unaware of the chemicals that have entered the body.

Connor Reid Eckhardt was just 19 when he died after using what scientists and doctors call a “synthetic cannabis,” but most everybody else calls ‘Spice’.

After taking one hit of synthetic pot while with friends, Connor fell into a coma. He was kept on life support for four days, but there was nothing doctors could do. He was declared brain dead.


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