Scientists Look Towards Nature to Improve Energy Storage Methods

Storing energy is a tricky endeavor. It’s not that we don’t have the methods, but the methods we have are usually insufficient compared to the amount of energy we can harvest. This is why scientists are always looking into methods of storing energy. One of those methods of storing energy are phase change energy storage systems. These systems essentially use different states of matter to hold energy, such as storing heat energy via melted wax, salt, and other materials.

Adrian Benjan observed branching pattern across discrete systems and theorized that there may be physical laws that drive such patterns to exist. In 1996, Benjan refined his idea that eventually became known as Constructal Law. This law states that rivers, trees, and other flowing systems will must evolve over time to allow easier passage to the currents going through them.

This basically means that a plant grows its branches and changes its branch patter to ease the flow of rainwater and get better mileage out of sunlight. This also means that rivers will adjust themselves to ease the flow of water as it travels to the ocean.

According to Benjan, “There is organization happening naturally all around us, and the Constructal Law is the physics principle that underpins it. What’s left is to be wise and to rely on the principle to fast-forward the design of technology.”





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