Dehydration: Affecting 54% of Children aged 6 to 19 in the U.S., creating a lot of health-related problems according to Study

An abundance of one thing can sometimes make people take it for granted. In the U.S. this seems to be water. A new research found that 54.5 percent of children aged 6 to 19 were lacking in terms of hydration by the study’s standards.

However, while the urine samples in the test say they lack some water, this doesn’t mean that the children are dehydrated.

“We are not saying kids are dropping like flies.” “What we are saying is that they are not as hydrated as they should be for proper health and probably for proper school performance,” According to Erica Kenney, a researcher at Harvard University

Even mild dehydration can lead to “headache, irritability, poorer physical performance and reduced cognitive functioning.”

The study looked at how concentrated the urine was in each child—they essentially compared the ratio of water vs wastes—and considered a child lacking in hydration if the concentration reached levels associated with sluggish thinking and mood changes.

However, there are suspicions and critics against the study because the study did not use the best method for testing dehydration, requiring 24-hour urine collection. Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania said that “This idea that you are going to drink water and then think better, when you are not dehydrated to begin with, has not been proven.”


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