Nations are rRunning Against Time as the Deadline to Create a Paris Climate Deal Draws Near

Several nations expressed unease today that time is running short in resolving global warming disputes after UN dialogues ended with little progress towards attaining  international deal to fight climate change slated for a December agreement.

Delegates from more than 200 countries cut a few pages off the 89-page draft text from the June 1-11 pre-meeting in Bonn, but stop at confronting major issues like setting a global goal to phasing out greenhouse gases this century.

Most governments seek for a faster pace, noting only two more preparatory sessions left before the December summit in Paris meant to forge a global deal.

“We have not seen as much progress as we would like. It is not something we can tinker around with indefinitely,” Elina Bardram said, who heads the European Commission delegation.

The meeting was productive, but  a senior US official said, they wanted the pace to be quicker. Speaking anonymously he said, “These are negotiations of great moment to countries. The details matter a lot.”

But the United Nations insist that the talks were on track.

Christiana Figueres, the UN Climate Change Secretariat head, in a news conference, said that there is progress in streamlining the text and clarifying options for action. “This is a step-by-step process.”

Chief negotiator, Su Wei of China said all countries wanted an “ambitious and balanced outcome in Paris” to limit greenhouse gas emission.

The UN panel of climate scientists says it is 95 % probable that global warming that started since the 1950s is caused by human factors, led by burning of fossil fuels.

The Alliance of Small Island States, representatives from the Pacific to the Caribbean nations at risk from rising sea levels, said there had been progress in Bonn but, “We are acutely aware that we still have considerable work.”

Negotiators are to meet again in August and October, though delegates say the toughest issues will be discussed in Paris, including developing nation aid and in making the deal legally binding.




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