Fiancee of First Penile Transplant Recipient: Look Ma, I’m Pregnant!

The recipient of the world’s first penis transplant is about to become a dad.

The 21-year-old South African man’s girlfriend revealed to be expecting their first child, due in October.

Doctors were delighted as it is evidence of the “complete success” of the transplant operation.

Last year, the unnamed recipient received the new organ following a botched circumcision operation.

Doctor Andre van der Merwe who performed the ground breaking operation, has given a lecture on the operation‘s success.

He stated that “Initially we had no financial backing, no donors and many critics, but I am now happy to hear the recipient’s girlfriend is now four months pregnant.”

Van der Merwe says he looks forward in performing more penile transplants.

The operation took a team of surgeons nine hours to execute  and allowed the patient to be sexually active, after receiving the penis from a dead donor December 11 of last year.

Dr van der Merwe said skin from the patient’s leg and tattoos were used to match the skin color of the transplanted penis to the recipient.

He said he had been swamped with penile  transplant requests from around the globe and even offers from potential donors.

In an earlier interview this year, he said, “I’ve had someone email from America who wants his penis removed. He wants to be genderless and donate his penis to somebody.”

The operation was a pilot study to develop a penis transplant procedure that could be done in South African hospitals.

Nine more patients are presently awaiting the same surgical procedure after losing their penises in a traditional initiation ceremony that went wrong.





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