C-Section Babies are More Prone to Developing Systemic Diseases Later in Life

Sometimes the things humans do to help with our physical limitations can have unforeseen consequences. That’s the current issue with C-section births. According to a new study, babies delivered by C-section are at a higher risk of chronic health problems in their later years.

For more specifics, you might want to check out the British Medical Journal. According to the research, babies delivered by C-section have a higher likelihood of developing asthma, obesity, and diabetes.

While analyzing other studies, Dr. Jan Blustein of New York University’s School of Medicine and Dr. Jianmen Liu of Peking University noticed that C-sections could be linked to an increased risk for asthma, diabetes, and obesity.

To illustrate: the asthma rate for children in the U.S. is 8.4 percent; that rises to 9.5 percent in children delivered by C-Section. Another example is obesity: children delivered vaginally have an obesity rate of 15.8 percent, C-section delivered children have an obesity rate of 19.4 percent. You can see the trend here.

In a press release, Dr. Blustein said that “It is clear that cesarean-born children have worse health, but further research is needed to establish whether it is the cesarean that causes disease, or whether other factors are at play.” “Getting definitive answers will take many years of further research. In the interim, we must make decisions based on the evidence that we have. To me, that evidence says that it is reasonable to believe that cesarean has the potential for long-term adverse health consequences for children.”

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Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/c-section-cesarean-births-child-health-problems-asthma-obesity-diabetes/



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