E-cigarettes Manufacturers have Vapers Kept Coming Back for More by Using Pyrazine

Many people would like to experience please without having to suffer the side effects. One prominent example is cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Everyone knows the harmful effect cigarettes have on a person and t hose around them. E-cigarettes, being marketed as a safer alternative, would catch the eye of anyone who started to feel concerned about their health while others use it as a crutch to quit smoking altogether.

However, a new study that was published this week in the journal Tobacco Control revealed that e-cigarettes and low-tar “light” cigarettes are no better than real cigarettes when it comes to addiction and habit-forming because of an additive called pyrazine. It turns out that e-cigarettes may be no better than nicotine patches, only helping alleviate short-term desires while not addressing the true problem: the addiction and the eventual relapse.

Pyrazine’s purpose in liter cigarettes is to improve the flavor. However, just like nicotine, it acts on the part of the brain responsible for producing dopamine—a neurotransmitter involved in pain processing and drug addiction—and transferring the addiction from nicotine to itself.

Perhaps the best way to truly stop smoking is to never start smoking at all.

Image: http://electroniccigarettemart.org/

Source: http://www.newsweek.com/e-cigarettes-are-just-addictive-tobacco-thanks-pyrazine-additives-342447


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