Lifesaving App Can Call CPR Experts Onto Scene

CPR is lifesaving if someone’s heart suddenly stops beating. The trick is finding someone who knows CPR. Even though there are a significant number of people who know the lifesaving technique, there’s a chance that no one who knows it may be around when someone needs it.

As usual, there are people looking into a fix to this problem. With the advent of modern technology, researchers have looked to smartphones as an answer. Researchers are developing an app that people trained in CPR can participate in. If someone is suffering from a heart attack, the app automatically alerts anyone nearby enough to take action. With a study using this app, there was a 14% increase in CPR administrated to people with cardiac arrest.

During the study, about 306 cardiac arrests happened. The app then alerted anyone of the 9,800 participants trained in CPR within 500 meters of the patient with voice calls and text messages, along with information on where the patient was.

It is crucial for a patient to receive CPR as quickly as possible, as every minutes without help decreases the likelihood of survival by about 7 to 10 percent. In this regard, it is best to have as many windows for help available as possible.

Hopefully, this is the start of a revolution that helps save more lives.




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