Bill Donohue: Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation is a tragic situation that should not be glamorized


Bill Donohue, the Catholic League president on Monday, was interviewed by Newsmax, where the media reception of current issues like Rick Santorum‘s commentaries with Pope Francis to the Caitlyn Jenner transformation, was censured by him.

In the Steve Malzberg interview, Donohue said that the papal authority extends only to discussions of faith and morals. He explained that though, “Catholics offer him respect, but in terms of accepting what he has to say as guiding their thoughts, no, it’s not going to happen.”

Donohue then defended Rick Santorum, who became  a media spotlight with his controversial comments about how science should be left to the scientist by the pope on issues regarding global warming.

“The pope does not have a master’s degree in chemistry,” divulged Donohue, “the pope has the equivalent of a two-year community college degree, in other words, two years out of high school.” Donohue went on to say that the pontiff is allowed to speak on other issues, but cautioned that  Catholics would unlikely accept his followings beyond “non-negotiable” moral issues such as euthanasia and abortion.  No one said that air pollution is intrinsically evil.

The discussion shifted to Caitlyn Jenner, prompting ESPN to be derided by Donohue regarding its plan to present the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Jenner next month, saying that Bruce is not the problem, he has apparently, some psychological conditions to work out.  The problem is within the influentials who tell us that he’s just like some different strokes for different folks.

Donohue concluded that Jenner’s transformation should be no cause for celebration, stating that individuals who undertake surgical sex re-assignment have an increased probability for depression or being suicidal. “We shouldn’t celebrate and glamorize what is really a tragic situation.”




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