WHO Urges for the Reopening of 2,700 Schools in South Korea

South Korea’s response to the MERS virus may have been overkill as the World Health Organization (WHO) now urges the nation to reopen the 2,700 schools that were closed in a knew jerk reaction to the virus.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome may have hit its peak and is starting to slow, but South Korean officials are waiting to see if the effort they took to stop the spread of the disease paid off. The fear of an epidemic in Korea was so great that even President Park Geun-hye delayed her visit to America last Wednesday so she could pour all her efforts into preventing the outbreak.

Perhaps the cautionary steps Korea took were warranted though: the virus did claim nine lives while infecting more than a hundred people. Thankfully, the virus isn’t airborne and is only spread through direct contact.

The closing of 2,700 schools may have been excessive, as South Korean doctors are now calling the move nonsensical because of a lack of evidence of transmission.

The maximum incubation period of the MERS virus is two weeks, and South Korea hopes to have the disease in control by Friday; while the incubation period for the first set of patients has finished, the end of that two week period for those who may have been infected by another wave of the virus will be on Friday.

Image: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2015/06/10/world/asia/ap-as-skorea-mers-virus.html


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