No more soda ads on the streets of San Francisco

Sodas have long been under the scrutiny of health experts. Now, the government has put its foot down: soda advertisements in San Francisco now need to carry health warnings and the city plans to stop the purchase of any sweetened beverages thanks to new laws approved last Tuesday.

After a ballot measure to tax sugary drinks was rejected last November, the San Francisco Board of supervisors then had this new proposal. Before the measures are adopted, one more vote is required.

Along with requiring that ads be labelled with a warning label about health risks, soda ads are also now prohibited on any property the city owns.

With the efforts states are taking diabetes and obesity, it should come as no surprise that these new laws are aimed at curbing soda drinking. Last 2012, there was even a move to ban over-sized sodas from being served in New York by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg which got tied up in court then eventually overturned. Another law involving taxing soda sales was approved in California last November at a 1-cent-per-once rate.

Whether these step help to curb the spread of diabetes and other related diseases is anyone’s guess. It’s all up to the citizens to vote with their wallets.




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