NASA’s super sonic balloon managed only to half deploy during the second test


A giant balloon was launched by NASA last Monday that was carrying technologies the association planned to test on Mars. However, the “flying saucer’s” parachute failed to fully deploy.

The craft in question was carrying the largest parachute ever made that was deployed after being delayed for several days due to disagreeable weather. According to NASA, The huge helium balloon went up into the air and continued rising for three hours.

After the recovery and analysis of the craft’s black box, NASA plans to have a briefing on Teas day.

This was actually the second test of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator. The first test was sometime in June 2014. In that test, there were only shredded remains of the parachute.

The reason the parachute on these devices needs to be so sturdy is because the thin atmosphere on Mars will destroy a weak parachute trying to stop a fast-moving space craft.

This information isn’t anything new. NASA has known about this issue since the Viking mission in 1976.

However, interest in sending manned mission to mars by 2030 has accelerated the project. The current mission is to finalize a design intended for larger payloads such as months of supplies or humans.




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