Cats and Pregnant Women Don’t Mix

You might find the picture very cute but there’s a lot of what’s going on between the cat and the pregnant woman that might shock you. It’s what you’tr thinking silly. Read and on and you will know what I mean’

Did you know that a cat parasite could be a source of human mental disorder?

Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that can harm people with weak immune system and pregnant women. This parasite infests the common house cat.  A research study, recently, explored the possibility of Toxoplasma in the development of human schizophrenia, a theory that had tickled the scientist’s fancy for years.

Exposure to Toxoplasma is addressed to pregnant women, because they need to be tested for parasite infestation in their bodies. If a woman became infected with parasite prior to her pregnancy, then there is no danger for her and the fetus.

But, if she becomes contaminated with the parasite during the pregnancy, then there may be some serious risks to the fetus. 55% of the parasite infestation are asymptomatic, making the baby safe. The other 45% who do possess symptoms, 30% of their fetuses are born with congenital anomalies like hydrocephalus with 9% dying.

The parasite also poses danger to people who have weak immune systems, like those undergoing chemotherapy or suffer from AIDS. They  basically have no capacity to fight the parasite as it goes ballistic throughout the body, which causes severe neurological disorders like chronic encephalitis, that can lead to blindness, if the parasite develops there.

Humans can get contaminated with Toxoplasma gondii through a pet cat, which is its host. A cat that gets infected with the parasite that sheds eggs in the feces. Humans then get infected by unknowing ingesting the eggs, putting their unwashed hands in their mouth after cleaning the cat litter.

There is also the likelihood that the eggs get to be transported by insects, like flies, from the food to kitchenware or kitty litter box. Another common infection route is public sandboxes which are uncovered and could become contaminated with stray cat feces.




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