Immune System Discovery Could Rewrite Medical Textbooks!

The findings of a new study by neuroscientists has revealed that there exists a direct connection between the brain and . According to the study, which was published last Monday in the Nature journal, says that the brain has a direct connection with the lymphatic system, a connection which was not known to previously exist.

Decades of medical beliefs have held that the lymphatic system stops at the skull’s base. The new model challenges this, having the lymphatic system continue all the way to the brain. What is the lymphatic system anyway? It’s not a direct part of the immune system, but it still facilitates the spread of white blood cells via the lymph, a fluid it carries, while also purging the body of toxins.

A large contributor to this study was mice. While researchers where looking at mice brains membranes under microscopes, they found lymphatic vessels above the base of the skull, something that had never been found before. According to Dr. Kevin Lee, this discovery will lead to a change in medical literatures, causing a rewriting of textbooks.

Why are researchers discovering this just now? Dr. Jonathan Kipnis, lead study author from the University of Virginia’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia said that the vessels are “well hidden.” Particularly, they was a major blood vessel to the sinuses covering them. It also didn’t help that the area was difficult to image.




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