Drive hunt: Brutal ‘Fishing’ of Dolphins Continues in Japan

Despite many people around the world disapproving, half of the dolphins caught using allegedly inhumane hunting techniques were still sold to China and other countries, according to a news report.

The method labelled as “drive hunt” has caused a global outcry, garnering much criticism from people overseas. Recently, aquariums and zoos in Japan were coerced into rejecting any animals that were obtained through the method.

According to data from Japan’s Fisheries Research Agency and other statistics, from Sept. 2009 to Aug 2014, 760 dolphins have been sold in Japan.

Of those sold, 354 were sent to other countries: 216 to China, 36 to Ukraine, 35 to South Korea,15 to Russia, 11 to Thailand, 10 to Vietnam and Saudi Arabia, 7 to Georgia, 5 to Tunisia, 4 to Egypt and the Philippines, and 1 to the USA.

Most of the attention the dolphin hunting is gathering is because of the 2009 Oscar winning documentary “The Cove” that showed the mass killing of dolphin pods with knives. The killing was so massive that it colored the water red with the blood of the dolphins.

Another example of the change brought about by the documentary is the World Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s suspension of Japan’s chapter, calling the hunting method “cruel.”




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