MERS Claims its Fifth Victim in South Korea

Another person was claimed in South Korea by the MERS virus, marking the fifth victim of the disease in Korea. The South Korean government is scrambling as it tries to take measure against the virus and clam public fears.

A total of 64 people have been diagnosed with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in South Korea since last month, making it the biggest outbreak of the disease outside of the Middle East. Schools in Korea have been closed and about 2,000 people have been in quarantine after contact with infected patients.

The current acting Prime Minister, Choi Kyung-hwan, assuaged fears about the disease, saying that they had taken step to prevent the further significant spread of the virus.

“So far, all the MERS cases have been hospital-associated, and there has been no case of an infection in other social settings. We think we have a chance at putting the outbreak under total control,” Choi told a news conference.

This is because, according to the U.N. health agency, the virus is not spread through the air but rather through close contact with infected. Thus, by limiting contact with those infected or those who’ve had contact with the infected, South Korea hopes to halt a possible epidemic.




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