Indigenous tribes are not welcome in the modern vivilization

Threatened with extinction, the world’s last remote tribes are on the threshold of being obliterated from the face of the earth, according to a report.

Indigenous tribes in Brazil and Peru, living in voluntary isolation, are in jeopardy of becoming extinct, experts say.

The main causes are deforestation, violence and illnesses, like flu and cough, transmitted by illegal loggers, drug traffickers and benevolent anthropologists, which the tribes have no immunity from.

In one case, German researcher left a necklace decades ago. After it was found,  sore throat and fever wiped out the village’s 200 inhabitants.

In Brazil, 50 to 90% of tribal resident were killed by disease after encounters with the inhabitants of the outside world in the 1970s and 1980s.

And recent problems were caused by developers encroaching deeper into the Amazon to dig up mines,   build pipelines, highways and dams.

In Peru, where the situation is most critical, 8,000 people live in small bands in the rainforest.

This includes the indigenous Iskanawa tribe who retreated from the area in the 16th century. And the  Iskonowa, a tribe of 300 to 400 men, women and children, living  in isolation, who have moved deeper into the rainforest recently to escape illegal loggers and miners.

Three million hectares of protected land were set aside by the Peruvian government, but it may proved to be not enough.

The government is also set to turn the Sierra del Divisor into a national park to help the tribes.

The report said, ‘A surge in sightings and raids in both Peru and Brazil may be a sign that some of the world’s last peoples living outside the global economy are emerging.’


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