Samurai Bot challenges a Guinness World Record-holder human samurai master

In a stunning test of skill and precision, 2 Japanese sword masters faced off. Guinness World Record-holder swordsman Isao Machii is a master in the samurai tradition. The other sword master, a samurai-weilding robot named Yaskawa Motoman MH-24, equipped with Japan’s cutting-edge technology expertise. Nothing showcases Japan’s 2 sides better than a test  against tradition and technology like this one.

Machii, holds five Guinness World Records for swordsmanship. His exemplary feats include slicing in half a 200-plus mph BB pellet fired at him,  and also beating records like “fastest 1,000 Iaido sword cuts” with a record of 36 minutes and 4 seconds.

The contest against man versus machine was a brainchild of the Japanese company behind the Yaskawa. It was meant to showcase the robot’s samurai ability. The robot scanned Machii’s moves digitally, then MH-24 copied them.

The machine input Machii’s movements into its memory after recording it using  a precise 3-D motion detection suit. The robot samurai then, perform those same movements. Unsurprisingly, Motoman displayed greater accuracy, being able to perform both diagonal and horizontal cuts with extreme accuracy. The only thing the MH-24 did not beat Machii at is in the speed area, slightly edging out the machine marginally.

We have seen robots that cook meals or fire weapons with more accuracy than humans. The robots’ high precision, ability to work tirelessly, lack of emotion are key characteristics of a high-precision killing automaton. For now this Motoman MH-series robot arm is content enough to execute its duties in the industry quickly, precisely, and efficiently.



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