A rare nine-way kidney transplant chain in San Francisco ended on a high note.

The University of California San Francisco Medical Center  and California Pacific Medical Center have started a rare chain — a nine-way kidney transplant chain.  Although it might appear that the chain originated as a bold medical research, it turns out that it was prompted more by necessity than by scientific inquiry.

The chain started with a couple.  The husband discovered that he was not a compatible donor for his wife so he donated his kidney to someone else.  Another couple from the second hospital was caught in the same situation.  This prompted the swap which started a rare partnership between the two hospitals and generated a list of donors that resulted in nine successful transplants.

“The bigger the denominator and decisions you’ve got probably, the extra transplants you will get accomplished,” explains Dr. Robert Osorio, the director of transplantation at California pacific Medical Center.

While it is too early to claim that this kidney chain is an effective solution to the perpetual quest for kidney donors, the medical practitioners involved are hopeful especially since the transplant cases have been successful and the patients are all recuperating.

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Modified from source:   http://www.vocalrepublic.com/a-rare-nine-way-kidney-transplant-happened-in-san-francisco-the-silver-ink/4059/





  1. Douglas4517 says

    1. Was this necessary? That is… did it all have to be done on that day or was it a stunt?
    2. After hearing stories for years about surgeons accidentally removing the wrong leg or foot and mixing up patients, this is good news.

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