Irish Crafters find British Gold much better than their own? According to a Study

Archaeologists discover something new about our past every day, and this time that discovery was about Irish craftsmen preferring British gold over Irish gold. The gold itself was believed to have been brought over via a trade route through Ireland, Cornwall, and Devon.

This was discovered by researchers from Universities of Southampton and Bristol who analyzed more than 50 Bronze Age artifacts then compared the gold n them with Irish gold.

According to lead author Chris Standish: “This is an unexpected and particularly interesting result as it suggests that Bronze Age gold workers in Ireland were making artefacts out of material sourced from outside of the country.”

The amount of gold that passed through the trade route amounts to about 440 pounds, and amount of gold that would be worth a mind boggling $7.6 billion. Why wanted another country’s gold is up in the air though, since Ireland is rich in gold deposits.

Using laser ablation mass spectrometry, the researchers looked at 50 Early Bronze Age and Chalcolithic artefacts from Ireland that belonged to the Natural Museum of Ireland. The test revealed that the gold in these artifacts did not, surprisingly, come from Ireland but from the United Kingdom.




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