HSCIC patient preference to keep their medical data private put on hold

‘Basically it’s a mess,’ is the opinion of Dr Beth McCarron-Nash from the General Practitioners Committee when the Health and Social Care Information Center (HSCIC) said technical issues caused data to be shared.

The center tasked with the release of NHS patient data to companies including insurance firms admitted patient information was shared without their consent, it has appeared.

700,000 patients requested for privacy of their records, registered for the establishment of an enormous medical database, were not met.

But the  HSCIC told MPs that it “does not currently have the resources or processes to handle such a significant level of objection” as technical difficulties were stumbled upon when logging the preferences.

Patients manifested their oppositions during the development of the controversial care data system, but in March 2014, their opposition was put on hold.

HSCIC chair Kingsley Manning admitted it “may take some time” for the issue to resolve, in a February letter addressed to the House of Commons health select committee.

Dr Beth McCarron-Nash, the leader of care data for the General Practitioners Committee (GPC) told Pulse,  the health sector journal that if  HSCIC experiencing technical difficulties they must be resolved, and that it is also their responsibility to ensure patients are protected. And that “But basically it’s a mess.”

Director Phil Booth  of data rights advocacy group medConfidential stated, “The material fact is, hundreds of thousands of people, last January, February, March, exercised their right to opt out of having their data passed on by the HSCIC, and that has not been respected.”

Image: http://a.abcnews.com/

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/06/nhs-data-released-against-patients-wishes


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