Google Nudges Self-Driving Cars Forward

All the hype that’s been sparked about self-driving cars is all because of one company: Google. Google itself is now planning to release monthly report about its own self-driving cars aimed at disclosing more information on their technology. The recent accident of another google card in less than a week may have had something to do with it.

According to Google’s statement last Friday, the reports will summarize project activity, data points, and incidents that involve the self-driving cars, such as when one of the vehicles was rear-ended in Mountain View, California, on Thursday.

In Google’s May report, they said that: “We’ve made a lot of progress with our self-driving technology over the past six years, and we’re still learning.” “Every day we head out onto public streets so we can keep challenging and refining our software.”

Google is attempting to make a case for its driverless cars to answer any questions about the program. They’ve even made a website to explain the inner workings of the technology, how it gathers information, and provide updates about the project.

Part of the reports will also be about examples of situations encountered. The newest addition had a photo of a self-driving vehicle waiting for its turn to cross a traffic light.




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