The Storm Triggered the Wormhole Formation, so can the Large Hadron Collider

Sometimes you see objects that seem to not belong wherever they are. That was the case with a bizarre object photographed in the Netherlands.

As Dutchman Harry Perton was snapping photos of the storm in the sky over his homeland Groningen, there was a flash just as he took a picture. Some believe that the photograph he took was of a wormhole, a distortion of space that allows instant travel between two locations.

According to Mr. Perton, the flash didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary, it might’ve been just a flash of lightning from the storm. That quickly changed when he decided to take a look at the shot when he got home. Whatever he caught on camera looked like a sort of jellyfish, but translucent. “I decided it must have been a strike of lightning—but back at home I saw something strange in one of the photos that I took—what looked like a UFO.”

Someone in Malta, along with a whole football team, claimed to have seen the strange toroidal object.

Some fear that experiments being done by the LHC, in its quest to better understand the inner workings of the universe, could be causing distortions in our own are of space-time. Whether this is true or not, perhaps only the experts know.




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