Global health leaders call on world leaders to share the responsibility keeping the planet free from infectious outbreaks

With the debacle of the Ebola epidemic still fresh in everyone’s mind, the World Health Organization doesn’t want to be caught flat footed anytime soon, or ever again for that matter.

This culminated in the plan for Global health leaders asking G7 leaders this weekend to support a new rapid response team to handle outbreaks of killer disease with high infection rates. An example of such a disease is the still going strong Ebola, which has killed as much as 11,000 people and will not be stamped out anytime this year.

According to director of the Welcome Trust global health charity, Jeremy Farrar, the unit will be under WHO, but should have freedom from bureaucracy as to act within days of a potential epidemic starting.

“With Ebola, it’s taken too long. It’s nonsense to say: ‘Isn’t it great? We’ve done in a year what normally takes four or five years’. We got to get into a mindset that says these infectious diseases can emerge in days and weeks, so we need to respond to that, not to some fanciful notion of an ideal world.”

German Chancellor Angel Merkel also appears to support the proposal when Ferrer met with her and other global health specialists to discuss reforms before the summit of the Group of Seven world powers on Jun 7 to 8.





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