China livid at being refered to as hacker by the US government

“Slander” is what the Chinese state newspaper is calling the US media suggestion that their government is behind the American government data hack believed to have affected  4 million people.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) database was hacked it was presumed to have been instigated by China, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Susan Collins said.

The allegation was reported subsequently in the American media. The Global Times, a state-run newspaper in China, in response, published on Thursday an editorial entitled: “Four million US government workers hit by breach of data, China was blamed without any hesitation”.  Chinese officials are calling it an  “irresponsible” allegation.

The editorial said, “Although the investigation has just begun, American investigators believe that ‘they can trace the breach to the Chinese government’.  However, American officials from the OPM who reported this case cannot be sure who is responsible.”

It  added that The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal  reported that hackers from China were responsible for the breach.

“In fact, it is not the first time that the American media and institutions blame China for internet security breaches.”  Before concluding that, “However, no evidence has been presented so far.”

In July 2014, Chinese nationals reportedly broke into the computer database of the U.S. government agency which contained personal information of all federal employees.

On Friday, during the Chinese foreign affairs ministry press conference, reports accusing China were branded “irresponsible”.

“Cyber attacks are generally anonymous and conducted across borders and their origins are hard to trace,” Hong Lei, the foreign ministry spokesman said. “Not to carry out a deep investigation and keep using words such as ‘possible’ is irresponsible and unscientific,” Reuters reported.





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