Mediterranean-style fruits and veggies rich diet will starve cancer cells and decrease dying rate up to 36 percent

A Harvard Public School of Health research team of experts  found that eating your way to a healthy diet may increase  chances of prostate cancer survival.

Traditional “Western” influenced diet  prostate cancer eaters of food rich in dietary fats, dairy products  and animal proteins have an increased 67% dying risk, a recent study revealed.

Affected male who instead practice a fruits and vegetables  rich diet and go light on dairy products and meat see a risk of death decrease up to 36%.

926 male cancer patients who were diagnosed with prostate cancer volunteered to partake in a health study, wherein more than 3 million Americans have been diagnosed with this disease.

Two sub-groups  were established by the team and the partakers were monitored for a 14-year period from the time they were diagnosed.

The 1st sub-group was classed according to their western-style diet and the 2nd batch ate a  fruit and vegetable rich diet  together with fish and whole grains.

The research was circulated in the Cancer Prevention Research journal last June 1, disclosed that dieters of western-style diet had as much as twice risks of dying from prostate cancer, generally, allowing for a 67% higher chance of death.

Although, prostate cancer sufferers whose diet consisted of a more Mediterranean approach had a 36% decreased risk of dying, all causes considered.





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