Convicted Priosners Data: Homicidal tendencies increased by 200 percent in people taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers

If you think the medicine you’re taking to help you bottle up your rage are good for you, you might be surprised by a new study. The study, published by World Psychology, asks patients using antidepressants and pain relievers to try and find other ways to manage their emotional issues.

Psychiatrists from Europe studied 960 prisoner convicted of homicide in Finland who took pain relievers and antidepressants were found to have more aggressive tendencies than those who had never taken either.

The study used a control group that matched the prisoners with members of society that had similar traits, such as gender, and even hometowns if possible.

Participants were checked for their use of medications such as psychiatric drugs, pain relievers, and other medications for controlling mental issues over a period of seven years while consulting the national drug registry.

Researchers also cross checked police reports with the use of mood enhancing drugs such as alcohol or the drugs homicide convicts used.

Researchers observed that those that regular pain reliever use was correlated to a higher risk for suicide. Antidepressants were also correlated to infamous crimes such as the school shootings in Finland and the U.S.

The researchers also observed that homicide tendencies increased by 200 percent in people who were taking anti-inflammatory pain relievers while opioid pain reliever users only showed a 92 percent increase.

Though these study shows rather damning information, scientists warn that correlations does not equal to causality. This means that certain medications may not be the cause for increased homicidal tendencies.




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