Study finds financially dependent spouses likely to cheat on their partner

Cheaters most likely cheat on their significant other if they are financially dependent on them, this according to a new study published on the American Sociological Review during their July issue.

An analysis of 2,750  couples  between ages 18 to 32 years old, yielded a 5% chance that financially dependent women would cheat on their spouse at any given time, while there is a 15% probability that men in a similar situation dependency position would cheat, said Christin Munsch the study author  found.

But when household monetary contributions were proportionate between spouses, the odds of engaging in adulterous acts were decreased.

The findings suggest that people like to  feel relatively equal in their relationships. Munsch, whose work was published in Science Daily said, “ People don’t like to feel dependent on another person.”

But, the research established that when men begin earning 70% or more in their household income, they show a likely chance of being unfaithful once again.

“These men are aware that their wives are truly dependent and may think that, as a result, their wives will not leave them even if they cheat,” Munsch said.

On the other hand, because women who earn more than their husbands defy the status quo, they  likely engage in what sociologists term as “deviance-neutralizing behaviors,” and to float the  masculinity of their husband, may be less disposed to engage in extramarital affairs, Munsch says.

The climactic revelation of the study was discovering that men who are financially dependent are still more likely to cheat compared to breadwinning women.




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