The rising popularity of weight loss surgeries are putting plastic surgeons’ lives on fast lane

A boost in the quantity of weight loss surgeries is starting to have a ripple effect in plastic surgery, this is according to the new data published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Ann Hansen, 54 years old, lost a total of 170 pounds in 5 years with diet and exercise, but was left with sagging skin.

“’I thought after all this hard work and blood and sweat and tears that I would this fairy tale ending at the end of weight loss and I didn’t.”

“At the end of the day when I got undressed I was always reminded of who I used to be.”She underwent a surgery on her arms, abdomen and breasts.

New data for plastic surgery from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal that Ann’s case is not isolated.

Procedures specifically related to massive weight loss, including tummy tucks, and lifts of the breast, thigh and upper arm, grew at their fastest rate, according to the report. That follows a similar increase in the growth of weight loss surgeries.

Dr. Jennifer Capla, a plastic surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital states there’s been a rise clearly in the past several years in bariatric surgery.

Specialists say that increase in weight loss surgery is stimulating the plastic surgery trend.

Data from last year reporting nearly 45–thousand patients who lost large amounts of weight had plastic surgery to reshape their bodies.

Dr. Capla says, “What I hear from patients all the time is until they’ve actually had their plastic surgery their journey is not complete.”

Ann declared that the plastic surgery completed her transformation.

In addition, Doctors emphasize that patients who invest in plastic surgery after massive weight loss are more likely to keep the pounds off.





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