Pope Francis emphasizes how fragile and important human life is to Mediterranean nations

“Attack against life” was what Pope Francis called to the act of letting migrants die at sea, parallel to abortion or euthanasia, the pontiff said.

The  ability to “protect life during its most fragile stages” and not just technological advancement  have been the measurement of a civilization’s progress, the pope said as he talked to the members of the Italian Science and Life Association last Saturday, decrying abortion, terrorism, euthanasia and trafficking victims.

“Abortion is an attack against life,” the pontiff said.  “ Leaving our brothers on boats to die in the Sicilian channel is an attack against life.”

His comments came as Sicily and Italy in the southern mainland tussle the latest wave of illegal arrival of more than 5,000 migrants who were rescued in the Mediterranean during the weekend, the European Union’s border agency, Frontex declared.

During a span of 24 hours, 4,200 migrants were saved in 22 separate operations undertaken by merchant ships and military  naval vessels.

Autopsies  are expected to be carried out by authorities in the coming days when 17 migrants were found dead by the Italian Navy rescuers to determine the cause of their death, bringing  the total death toll of men, women and children who had died or either went missing at sea this year alone to nearly 1,800, the International Organization for Migration said.

Image: http://davidmixner.typepad.com/

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/the-pope/11641723/Leaving-migrants-to-die-at-sea-is-akin-to-abortion-or-euthanasia-says-Pope-Francis.html


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