Just like cigarettes, don’t fall in with love coffee, there’s nothing romantic about: It’s bad for the heart, Experts

A few days ago, a study about coffee’s deterrent effect on erectile dysfunction took the bedroom world by storm. However how safe your heart is from drinking too much coffee is another story. The choice may not be easy for many, but what will it be: quality of life, or quantity?

The first organ people usually think about when people talk about is the kidney. But people tend to forget that it’s the heart that has to deal with all the extra stress.

People who drink coffee to fight stress usually don’t stop till they’ve had up to their heart’s content, literally. For the more scientifically inclined, you may want to look at Dr. Kunihiro Matsuhita of the Department of Epidemiology, Bloomberg School’s recent study.

Matsushita, assistant scientist, revealed that kidney checks, aside from checking the condition of your kidneys, can also tell you about how your heart’s condition. Traditional tests for the heart such as cholesterol level tests and blood stain tests can offer a new dimension on information when combined with a kidney tests measuring creatine levels in the blood (eGFR) along with another check to tests albumin levels in urine.

According to the study author: “If well-being care suppliers have knowledge on kidney injury and kidney performance, which they typically do, they need to be utilizing this knowledge to raise awareness of the affected people’s danger of heart problems.”

The study worked with 637,215 people, all from the Chronic Kidney Disease Prognosis Consortium with no records of heart problems. They were then checked for their eGFR and albuminuria levels.

Albuminuria ratings and eGFR ratings were observed to help predict heart problems. Even against traditional coronary heart checks on smokers, albuminuria was better at predicting.

According to Beth Greenwood of livestrong.com, “Caffeine has been related to the formation of kidney stones.”

Image: http://www.independent.co.uk/

Source:  http://www.dailytimesgazette.com/a-coffee-bean-could-be-mean-to-your-kidney-and-heart/10754/



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