Negotiators blamed by French minister on “inadequate” deal on climate change

In a bid to avoid the acrimony of the last failed attempt, governments will attempt to rationalize the 89-page draft text of a climate change deal due to be agreed upon in the French capital this coming December, on Monday.

In a published Le Monde interview, the French Environment Minister Segolene Royal said,”The UN negotiations are totally inadequate for the climate emergency we are facing.”

“In private everybody is saying it,  but the weight of the process means it is carrying on as if there was no problem,”he added.

The talks with delegates from 190 nations, in the German city of Bonn, from June 1 to 11,  will attempt to trim down enormously differing options, that ranges from promises of cutting down greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 to indefinite pledges to restrict rising emissions.

“This gap between UN procedure and the climate emergency is starting to pose a real problem and exasperating the countries that are the biggest victims of climate change,” the French minister said.

Laurent Fabius, the foreign Minister who will  preside the December talks, informed Reuters on May 26 that Paris deal is within reach, but that the obstacles persisted and reaching a compromise  between the 196 parties is very tough.

Negotiators were blamed by Royal for the past failures.

The political instructions of various heads of state and governments must be obeyed by Bonn. Or else, the 15-year ongoing negotiators,  will just continue to go through the motions, she said.




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