Complications hound Devon’s cancer stricken daughter, Leah

Key defense player of the Cincinnati Bengals, Devon Still, is asking that people pray for his ailing daughter, Leah Still, in her battle against cancer.

Despite being just five years old, last June 2014 Leah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. She then had a surgery to remove her tumor and then started taking chemotherapy sessions to destroy the cancer cells in her bone marrow.

On May 5, she was admitted to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to start stem cell transplant therapy. This process requires large chemotherapy doses at the start and will last 4 to 6 week.

Despite the best efforts of doctors, Leah hit “a pretty serious complication.” Last Friday, Devon told people through social media that his daughter had suffered a complication in her liver. Known as Hepatic veno-occlusive disease (VOD), this liver affecting disease usually materializes in patients who’ve had stem-cell transplants.

However, according to Devon, “They caught it early so hopefully, it gives the doctors a better chance of stopping it from getting aggressive.” “As you can imagine, our minds are all over the place, but we’re going to try and remain positive!”

Leah’s story against the big C has garnered the support of people around the world. Even the Bengal’s have raised $1.3 million from the sale of his jersey.


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