Getting a second chance at life doesn’t always equate to happiness


Days after emerging from a successful kidney transplant surgery, a mother from Illinois is still devastated.
Why?  Because,  although she has received a gift of life, a life of a precious someone was also unexpectedly taken away from  her.

It “hurts so bad”, lamented Rose Perry to ABC News.

Perry was not referring to her surgery, but to the death of her 24-year old son due to stroke, and who incidentally was also her kidney donor.

According to ABC News, Perry was treated for type 2 diabetes and kidney failure, when son Ronald Perry Jr. unexpectedly died from a stroke that triggered coma and cardiac arrhythmia.

She was registering at the hospital last May, waiting for a kidney donor, when she received the news, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“I wanted my son. I didn’t want his kidney, I wanted him,” she informed the Tribune, adding that the idea of his body “cut up” would hurt so much.

“My husband and my youngest son said, ‘We think you should let them do it”.  I cried my eyes out and said, ‘I don’t want his kidney and I want my child,’ ” Perry continued.

The kidney proved to be a match and two days, Perry was scheduled for the transplant operation.

Dr. Deepak Mital, who performed the transplant operation a day after Ronald’s death, told the Tribune that the new organ doubled “instantly” Perry’s life expectancy.

Mital told the paper that  Ronald’s other kidney and liver were donated to another patient. But his heart, no one got because mom Rose did not want anyone to have it.




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